I’ll let you in on a little secret, through much trial and error on my part…3 simple items that can refine and finish your style.

The COAT: COATS are my obsession. It could be 30 degrees and I’d still wear my leather jacket, cuz fashun…¯\_(ツ)_/¯. They come in a variety of different shapes, patterns, textures to fit your personality. They instantly tie your whole look together and add layers and definition to your outfit. Invest in a quality peacoat, trench, or a double breasted coat that will last. I’ve learned my lesson in buying cheap coats and it’s only hurt me in the end. With that being said, buy the best coat you can afford. My advice is to buy a durable and classic style, as trendy items will eventually run its course. Just remember, you’ll most likely be wearing this coat for a couple seasons or a lifetime, so choose wisely.

The BAG: You knew this one was coming… THE PURSE! YASSSSSSSSS. Not only is the handbag practical it is also fashionable. It is a chance to display to the world what kinda gal you really are! Street glam space alien? 80’s club kid? Minimalist waif type? The possibilities are literally endless and you can be sure there is a bag for you. My advice would be to start off with and everyday work bag, preferably in a neutral colour (black, brown, navy, tan). They go with virtually any outfit which can save you a lot of money and time. Buy a handbag from a durable material, you’ll never go wrong with something leather. Please skip it’s ungrateful cousin Pleather.

THE SHOES: What the first thing that you look at when meeting someone for the first time? After their smile? After there eyes? Their shoes! Buying the right shoe for you can be a task, with so many options it can be overwhelming. I caution you that the number one rule to shoes should be comfort and then style. Too many times I have been a slave to my heels! Look for heels with a built in platform, buy inserts, or wear shorter heels. Style wise, choose whatever fits your personal style. However, it is best to shop for quality fabric that can last years which include suede, leather, or fur. You shouldn’t have to suffer for your style!
Hope these tips find you well!




  1. Katy_Loves_Fashion says:

    Great tips Damali! What do you think of trendy pieces being added to your wardrobe?

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