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 I’ll let you in on a little secret, through much trial and error on my part…3 simple items that can refine and finish your style.


personal style

 “Fashions fade, but style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent

You can go on a long and arduous journey through Barneys, Saks and Macys and probably be a lot poorer in the process and without much to show for it. Only to come to the realization that personal style comes from, (you guessed it) WITHIN. Now you may be thinking, “pssshh, it’s not that serious”, that’s where I will counter and say YES it is. Confidence is EVERYTHING. Our thoughts, moods, actions and behaviours have an affect on the way we dress and how we feel about ourselves. Remember that time you got dumped? Your sweatpants remember. It can also affect how others perceive us to be, positively or negatively. 

So how does one define personal style? Better yet, how does one find it? Read through this two part series and you can’t go wrong…