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the 52 week money challenge

Like the old adage goes, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, so I have decided to take on a new  kind of challenge. No, this challenge doesn’t involved swallowing obscene amounts of cinnamon powder or snorting wasabi (you can thank me later). But, however it does involve saving you money! What could be better than that?

The 52 Week Money Challenge is simple, during the first week of the year, you save $1. During the second week, you save $2. Keep adding a dollar each week so that during the last week of the year, you’re stashing away $52. You could even try the challenge in reverse, which may be easier to handle as the weeks pass.

Even without interest, this adds up to $1,378 over the course of a year! Imagine all the shoes you could buy??!?! (goes into mini shopping heart attack). In all seriousness, taking care of your finances is a guaranteed way in ensuring your independence. Try the 52 Week Money Challenge….what do you have to lose?




Happy Halloween to all my ghouls and gals of the internet world! This time of year is always a favourite of mine; the theatrics, the makeup, the transformation! So I decided to channel my inner fierceness and become my favourite superhero of all time….STORM! A woman who can control the weather at her will? Now, that’s pretty badass. What will you be this halloween?

recent edit storm

storm power completeHave a happy and safe Halloween!

supreme green smoothie Ahh, yes…the classic green smoothie that many health nuts have adopted, and I have also. Why? Because it tastes so darn good and is refreshing any day of the week, that’s why! Look no further than my SUPREME GREEN SMOOTHIE and have a taste for yourself….Your body will thank you, and because your mother told you to eat your vegetables. Thanks, Ma!


diy maxi cutout dress

Have you ever looked through your closet and got instantly bored of your dismal maxi dresses? Have you ever looked through your closet and got instantly bored of your dismal maxi dresses? Try out this DIY MAXI CUTOUT DRESS to transform your old dress. So I decided to do a mini alteration to give life back into one of the maxi dresses that I never get a chance to wear. Stay tuned! P.S. It’s really simple 😉 No sewing machine required.