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*”I’m feeling myself” plays loudly in the background….* 



Happy Halloween to all my ghouls and gals of the internet world! This time of year is always a favourite of mine; the theatrics, the makeup, the transformation! So I decided to channel my inner fierceness and become my favourite superhero of all time….STORM! A woman who can control the weather at her will? Now, that’s pretty badass. What will you be this halloween?

recent edit storm

storm power completeHave a happy and safe Halloween!

Hello! Salut! ¡Hola! Ciao! Hallo! Ni Hao! Shalom! Hujambo!  Welcome to my site and thank you for visiting. WHO AM I YOU ASK? Well, I am a 22 year old artist living in Toronto, Canada. I have a fondness obsession for chocolate (I’d seriously marry it), being silly and singing karaoke (I’m horrible, if you must know) This site’s purpose is to be a creative outlet for me to pursue all the ideas that are trapped in my head. I hope you enjoy it as much as I love doing it.

who am i you ask? As you can see, I never stopped dressing up. And you shouldn’t either.



P.S If you’re visiting and you don’t see ‘Hello’ in your language, shoot me a line!